How to Add Links to Online Gift Registries

If the expecting parents have already registered or had specific gift requests, you can use the Gift Registry Manager to turn on the Gift Registries page and add links to it.

From the Gift Registry Links Manager you can:

  • Add Links to online stores where the expecting parent has already registered
  • Edit the Gift Registry message to include any special instructions, gift requests, thank you notes
  • Add your photo to be displayed on the Gift Registries page
  • Turn the page off if you do not wish to use it


Our currently added registry links only direct to the websites find registry page but not to your account. Like this,

But, you can also add a custom link that will redirect to your baby registry account.

To do that,

1. Go to Host Control Panel Dashboard > Pages > Gift Links Manager

Scroll down to the Gift Registry Links and you will see the "Add Custom Link"



2. Input the Store name and link of your registry.

A. Go to your baby registry account and copy the link.




B. Go back to the gift link manager and paste it.



3. Don't forget to save the changes!