How to Send Invitations to Only Part of Your List

How to duplicate a message and send to new additions

Often you will want to send out the same invite or email to people who were not on the list the first time. Here is how to get that done.

First, it's important to understand that while a 'single list' sounds like it will be simpler, for this situation it doesn't help you remember who was just added and who wasn't. You can maintain a single list, but you have more to remember.

When you go to send an email you can select multiple lists via checkboxes that will appear, so generally, it's easier to just make a new list of the extra folks, duplicate the old invite, and send it out to them.  And next time you want to send notice to everyone you can just check all lists.

This lets you deal with last-minute additions while still being able to easily send to everyone when you want.

To know how to create a list and add emails see this guide.


This is how to duplicate and send an email.


Open up Admin > Invitations


Hover your cursor over the message you would like to duplicate.


Click > Duplicate


You will be forwarded to your list of messages

Your new message will be shown as a DRAFT, most likely with a number next to it.


Open the draft message and add your new list of the new emails.



Save then > SEND your message.