How to Use the Design Customizer

Intro to the Design Customizer

The design customizer allows you to have control over many design aspects of your site. There are almost unlimited possibilities!

This is an overview of how to open the customizer and its basic functions, you can edit type style, color, size. Or choose a new theme.

If your looking to work with your background images here is a guide specifically for that.

How to Add Background Images


Please note: You must be logged in to your account to use this feature. See login instructions below the video.

How to open the customizer:


Make sure you are logged into your site.

If you see the 'LOG OUT' button in the lower left hand corner of your site then you are logged in. 

If you see 'LOGIN' then you should click to login to your site.


Go to the top brown menu bar and find in the drop down: WebBabyShower > Customize Design

You can also get to the Customize Design settings from the admin icon dashboard.


Your Customizer will be visible as a panel of options on the left side as you view your site.

Here you can:

A. Select from a professional designers preset design look, including custom background graphics and font choices. (available in April)

B. Edit the color look of your site

C. Edit the typography style for each section, and the color. We have a selection of Serif, San-serif, and Script fonts.

D. Select a header background graphic from our set, upload you own, or select a color.

E. Select a page background graphic from our set, upload you own, or select a color.

F. Edit the title of your shower site.

Example of the Type Settings: