Invite Cheat Sheet

Invite Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet will guide you on creating an invitation, this includes adding emails to a list, editing the invite, and sending it.


How to add emails to your list

Usually, people just put all of their emails in the default list, but they also create new and customized lists like 'Family', 'Friends', or 'Guests'. You can also delete a list if you want. 

To know how to add a list, you can visit this guide


In adding emails, we have two ways to do it.

First is by uploading a CSV file and the second is by copy and pasting your emails into the box manually. (We recommend the second way as it gives a more certain result than uploading the list)

In sending invites, we only need emails so it is okay if you won't include the names anymore. 


When do we use the 'Default List'?

If you want a less complicated way of a list, you can just use the default list. Most people use it as it is simpler.


When to make multiple lists?

When you want different people to get different invites, you can create multiple lists. In every invite, you can just choose which list you want to be sent.


How to make multiple lists


Go to > Host Control Panel Dashboard > Invitations > Lists

Click > Add New


Input the name and description (optional) of your list, click Save.

Repeat the process if you want to add more.



How to create an invite

In your host control panel dashboard, go to Invitation > New Message. Usually, your invitation template will be either the default one or the template you chose through the setup wizard, but you can, of course, change it if you want. You can visit this guide for a walk-through:


How to change a template

In changing a template, you can do it inside your invitation. Click Base > Choose a template and click it



How to edit text

Hover your mouse over the text in the template, click it and it will be highlighted, you can then erase and change it with your own text.


How to add photos

Note: Adding photos is only applicable when you use the "WebBabyShower" template. We cant add photos using the preset templates at the moment, as we aim to make the format consistent.

So to change your template into "WebBabyShower", Click Base > Choose WebBabyShower


After Changing the theme you can then edit your invitation and also add photos. So to add photos, click Full-Size Image in the module section which is located on the right side of the template


An image will be added at the bottom of your invitation, you can move it up if you want.



Click the image to change it with yours. Choose your image and click Save.



What NEVER to edit 


Footer with necessary links for spam filters

This is the footer.



Button to go to shower (their shower URL is added dynamically at send)

The VISIT THE SHOWER Button has the link of your shower, so when your guests click it, they will be redirected to your shower. You are only advised to edit the background or font color, you can't also remove it.


How to test an invite

You can visit this link for a walkthrough guide


How to send an invite out to the list

At the top right side of the screen, you'll see the send button. 

Before sending, you should put a subject first, check the list of your receiver and Check Track Open and Track Clicks options to be able to track the result of your invitations.


How to view your tracking results after invites are sent and received

Receivers must receive the invite first so that the result will appear.


Choose and click the invitation you want to track.


Click > Details if you want to know more information