Games Help: Choose Quiz Style Baby Shower Games To Play

  • From the Host Control Panel Dashboard or menu, choose “Games Manager”.
  • In the “Games Settings” meta box, select the “On” to turn a game on, or “Off” to leave it off.
    • You can play all of the games at once, or play them one at a time, or a couple at a time, depending on how you and your guests plan to use your Web Baby Shower.
    • The Baby Songs game has the additional option to display everyone’s song list on the High Scores page. While the game is being played, you may want to leave this off. When you are done playing the game, you can turn the game Off and turn the Show Song Lists On, so that everyone can see each other’s song lists.
    • When your Web Baby Shower is set up for you, the following games are automatically turned on:
      • Baby Animals (matching)
      • Famous Mothers (matching)
      • Famous Fathers (matching)
      • Nursery Rhymes (trivia/multiple choice)
      • A Baby In Any Language (multiple choice)
      • Baby & Pregnancy Trivia (multiple choice)
      • Baby Songs (open-ended)
    • If your Web Baby Shower is for twins, multiples or adoption, you can choose to turn on these games instead (and turn off any non-twin, multiple, adoption version above):
      • Baby Trivia + Twins/Multiples (multiple choice)
      • Baby Trivia + Adoption (multiple choice)
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    •  Select on the "Save Changes" button at the 
      bottom of the page when you're finished. 

    You can return to the Games Manager at any time to change the game selections.