Edit Page Text Welcome Messages

How to Edit the Home Page Welcome Message and Text on Pages

This is an introductory guide to editing pages. Some pages have specific functions, and those will have their own guides.



When logged into the shower, you will see an edit bar at the top screen.

In the top bar you will see a pencil icon next to  > Edit Page or sometimes the name of the page next to the pencil icon.

As in > Photo Album Manager

Home Page Top Menu Example

Photo Album Top Menu Example

To edit the page you are viewing


Click on > Edit Page (or page name next to pencil icon)



Edit the page content, images and text, via the editor window.

You will see familiar icons for editing text.

To add photos from your uploads, select > Add Media

Please see the full guide to uploading photos for detailed instructions


Save your edits before viewing them on page. Edits that are not saved will not show on your shower.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click > Save Changes button


Click > View Page in top menu to go to the webpage and see your changes.