Is the Web Baby Shower service mobile-friendly?

YES! It is Mobile-Friendly! The Web Baby Shower virtual baby shower website service is designed to work across all types of devices and web browsers.

This allows both hosts and their guests to access their Web Baby Shower from just about any Wifi or Internet-enabled device! There are no apps or downloads — all Web Baby Shower features are meant to be used in the web browser on your device so that everyone can just participate without having to hassle with separate, individual downloads or apps. The only exception is for video chat or live chat: at this time most video chat providers do have apps for their video chat or live chat services since video works differently on different devices. However, Web Baby Shower allows you to choose the video chat or live chat service that works best for you and your guests … so if your crowd already uses Skype, then you can just host your video chat on Skype (for example).

If you plan to host a Web Baby Shower, please note, however, that we still recommend that you manage the bulk of your Web Baby Shower from a laptop or desktop computer. Mobile devices are great for quick updates or to check in, but they still just do not have the storage, memory, CPU and display power to make managing an entire Web Baby Shower quick and easy.  In addition, there are some issues with managing photos and videos from handheld devices that just require a laptop or desktop in order to perform them.

If you only have Internet access via a mobile device and you wish to host your Web Baby Shower entirely from it, it will be possible. But, please bear in mind that your mobile device has less CPU power, less memory, less storage and less screen area so you need to please have more patience!