Printable Keepsake using the HTML Preview Link

  • Once you have finalized your Web Baby Shower details, you may generate a PDF copy to download, save and/or print.
  • From the Printable Keepsake Manager (in the Host Control Panel), scroll down to the gray box with the pink border that says “Click Here To Generate & Download a PDF of your Finalized Web Baby Shower Printable Keepsake!”
  • Once you click that link, Web Baby Shower’s partner, PDFmyURL will transform your HTML Preview into an easy to save, share and print PDF
  • Please make sure that you already know how to download and save files to your computer or device and that you also have a plan for managing the printing of a long document from your device to your printer. See above!
  • Please make sure that you have already finalized the details of your Web Baby Shower and previewed your Printable Keepsake using the HTML Preview
  • PLEASE do not generate more than 3 PDFs without checking with Web Baby Shower Customer Support!
  • PDF generation is actually very server-CPU intensive and generating multiple PDFs can get the entire Web Baby Shower Network blocked from using the PDF generator
  • PLEASE use the HTML Preview while you are finalizing the details of your Web Baby Shower to see how your changes will look (see previous step)
  • If you are having technical issues with the PDF Generator and have not gotten the results you wanted within 3-5 attempts at a PDF, PLEASE STOP and contact Web Baby Shower Customer Support.
  • Please note that it may take up to several minutes to generate and also download your Printable Keepsake PDF. Please be patient!

PDF Note: If you use the vertical stripes background for your Web Baby Shower, it may look jagged in the PDF when you view it on screen. So far, the vertical stripes have actually printed just fine.

Invitation Code Privacy Note: Because the PDF is generated by Web Baby Shower’s partner,, if you are using Invitation Code privacy, you must (temporarily) turn the Invitation Code OFF so that can access your Printable Keepsake. For more information, please see the Privacy and Sharing Knowledge Base section. Once you have finished generating and saving your PDF, you can turn the Invitation Code back on.