How to Create Invitation in Invitation Manager

How to Create an Invitation using the Invitation Manager

The invitation manager has many options, so please make sure you've reviewed them to make sure your invites go out as planned.  Turn on invitation tracking (step 4 below) if you want that feature enabled.

Please note as new invite design options are added to the platform, the look of your invite might change from this example, but the basic functions will not.



When logged in, go to the Invitation Manager

Host Control Panel Dashboard > Invitations > New Message



A new draft message will be created. Every invite is a draft until it's sent.

First, select the list you are going to use. This is important, don't send an email with no list! (it happens:-)



Make sure to choose the theme first before editing your invite's content because if you change the invite theme after, you'll loose your message!



Write your message title in the top white box.



If you want to have tracking on your invites, open the > Options side menu

Check Track Opens if you want to know if a recipient has opened the invitation yet.

Check Track Clicks if you want to know if a recipient has clicked the link to the shower.

Keep in mind tracking only works if it's turned on, and some email services will have tracking blocked so it's not 100% accurate.

Note: The tracker can only be set BEFORE sending the invites so make sure to check it.



Edit the Message Draft by scrolling over the elements. You will see editor tools ready to use.

Click on the text to write your own message.

Click on the photo to add your own in from your shower's media folder.

The button should stay, so that people have a link to your shower! The button link becomes active once it's sent. Feel free to send yourself a test message to make sure.

This is an animated gif loop showing the hover editor functionality.



You can replace the graphics illustration with any images from your own media folder, or add multiple images by dragging and dropping.

Click on the placeholder image to open up your media folder and select an image.

Click > Save

Drag the "Full Size Image" option into your email to place a new image, then click on image to select one from your media folder.

This is an animated gif loop showing the image replacement functionality, and how to get your images into the invite.



Send yourself a test message

In the side menu open > Delivery

add in your email and click > Send Test


To send your message to your list.

Make sure your list is selected under the side menu > Receivers

In the top side menu click  > Send

A 'Send now' button will appear, click it then.



You can track your invites on this window, or under All Message, please see this guide to tracking info.

How to view your invitation tracking and see who's received them