Skype Planner: Add A New Event To The Skype / Video Chat Schedule

If you are planning a specific date & time for a Skype call, Google+ Hangout, or other live video chat, you can enter the information in the “Add New Skype Schedule” section of the Skype Manager. The schedule will be displayed on your Web Baby Shower Skype and will also enable a video-chat specific invitation in the Invitation Manager (which must be sent through the Invitation Manager as a separate step)

The Skype Planner Scheduler allows you to include the following information about your live chat event:

  • Date
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Timezone
  • Which Live Chat / Video Call Service You Plan To Use:

    If you need help choosing a service, please see the related article:  Choosing Skype or A Different Live Chat Service. The choices currently available on the Skype Planner Include:

    • Skype:
      Web Baby Shower will automatically include basic instructions for using Skype and a link to join the call / chat. 
    • Please make sure you have installed Skype (its free), created an account, and completed one test video chat. 
    • For your group video chat, make sure you have all your invitee's Skype id's invited and accepted into your account.
    • While we are here to help keep in mind the best place to get answers on how to use Skype, is at Skype.
    • Google+ Hangout:
      If you have already established a Google+ Hangout, you can include the link that Google+ Hangout gave you for your Hangout*
    • Other:
      • If you plan to use a different live chat or video conference service, you can include a link here where your guests can download any app, create an account and/or log in. OR, you can use the “Additional Information” box below to detail your “other” live chat plans.
      • Name of Service
      • Service Website URL*

Important Notes:

  • *When including links to a Google+ Hangout or to a different 3rd party live video chat service, please make sure the link starts with http:// or https:// or it will not work
  • You can also include your text in the "Additional Information: Add Your Own Personal Message or Additional Instructions for your Guests" section, the Skype Planner does not verify that your scheduled chat plan is complete, so please make sure you do.
  • If you need assistance with converting time zones, Web Baby Shower recommends:
  • It’s a good idea to post your live chat schedule, if only to let us know when you plan to use your Web Baby Shower in conjunction with a live chat event.

As always, when you are done making your changes, please be sure to click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page to save your changes!