Managing Your Co-Hosts

You can manage your Pending and Confirmed co-hosts using the Additional Hosts Manager > in the "Hosts On File With Web Baby Shower" section. 

To remove an individual co-host, hover over their email address and click the "remove" link that appears. You will be asked to confirm the removal of the individual co-host

To re-send the Co-Host invitation to an individual pending co-host, hover over their email address and click the "re-send" link that appears. Please note that you must wait for 24 hours between re-sending the co-host invitation.

You can also "bulk" remove co-hosts and "bulk" re-send the co-host invitations.  Check the box next to the email address of each host you wish to include and then use the "Bulk Actions" drop-down box to choose to Delete or Re-send. Then press "Apply".  

Please note:

  • Removing co-hosts will only remove their access to your Web Baby Shower Host Control Panel. Their account will still exist and they will still be able to participate as a guest.
  • If you have strong reason to believe that someone should be banned from Web Baby Shower, please contact Customer Support.
  • Co-hosts can remove other co-hosts, but they cannot remove the original, "Primary Host".
  • Please note the "Primary Host" designation is purely for Web Baby Shower Customer Support / administrative purposes and is not used with your guests in any way. It helps us to identify the host who originally paid for and set up the Web Baby Shower in case any disputes or confusion arises. For this reason, we do not allow the Primary Host to be removed here and we prefer to not change the Primary Host designation, except in rare circumstances. Thank you for understanding.