How Do Gifts Work With A Web Baby Shower?

How Do Gifts Work With A Web Baby Shower?

If the expecting or adopting parents have any online gift registries or wish lists, you can link to those online registries using the Gift Registry page in your Web Baby Shower.If the expecting parents have specific gift or fundraising requests, you can also include details and instructions on the Gift Registries page.

How you want to handle gifts for your virtual baby shower from there really depends on you and the expecting parent(s) and how much time and effort you both can and want to put into it.

You can leave it up to your guests to visit the online registries and send a gift whenever they like (very hands off).

You can ask guests to send a gift by a certain date and ask the mom-to-be (or guest of honor) to not open anything until that date. Then have her open the gifts during a Skype video chat or webcam broadcast.

Some hosts even go so far as to have guests send the gifts to them (the host) and then send the gifts all together to the expecting parent(s).

It’s really up to you and what makes sense for your situation.