Games Help: "Correct" or Edit Baby Songs Submissions

If you have chosen to play the Baby Songs open-ended quiz-style baby shower game, you can confirm or correct the scores and/or edit the song lists your guests submit when they play the game.

Scroll down to the "Remove Scores / Contact Winner(s)" box near the bottom of the page on the Games Manager within the Host Control Panel. Locate a section called "Baby Songs."

When a guest plays the Baby Songs game, each Baby Songs' entry is scored with two points for the song title and 1 point for providing a recording artist.

Any Baby Song entries that have not been validated by a host will be highlighted in pink.

It is up to you to check if both the song title and the recording artist are correct and acceptable for your game. You can choose to mark each song/recording artist entry as:

  • Correct! Approve this song (and artist)!
  • Song Acceptable / Artist Not Acceptable
  • Remove Entire Song

It is also up to you to decide if you will accept variations of the word “baby” such as “babe”.

If the entire game entry is not acceptable, check the box marked “Permanently Remove This Entire Song Submission” and it will be removed.

When you are done “correcting” a Baby Songs entry, make sure you click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

You do not have to correct or validate the song submissions; if your guests play nicely by the rules, then you wouldn’t need to! However, if anyone gets “smart” this option is there to help you deal with it!