Baby Photos Game: How to Set Up the Baby Photos Game

Baby Photos Game Set-Up

Please note that the Baby Photos Game is not automatically turned on for you when your Web Baby Shower is set up. Because not everyone has enough baby photos to play this game, we leave it "off" by default. If you would like to play the Baby Photos Guessing Game Contest, then you can turn the page on and personalize it as follows:


Log into your Web Baby Shower Host Control Panel Dashboard



Go to Page > Baby Photos Game Manager



Turn the Page On (Show Baby Photos Game: Yes)



In the admin area, feel free to edit or add your own introduction or instructions for your guests in the “Baby Photo Game Intro” box 



To add, remove, or organize the photos in Baby Photo Game, click the blue “Upload / Edit / Manage Photos” button in the “Baby Photo Game Photos” box



For this game to work, please use the “Caption this image” field to give each photo a generic label for ALL of the photos you wish to include in the Baby Photos Game.

For example: A, B, C … or 1, 2, 3 … Without labels in the captions, it will be difficult for your guests to clearly leave guesses about whose baby photo is whose



Click “Update Gallery” and the dialog box will close



You can optionally add another paragraph that will display below your photos on the Baby Photo Game page in the “Baby Photos Game Outro” box



Turn Comments On (Yes)



You can choose to receive an email when your guests participate in your Web Baby Shower. (You can also update this setting on the Edit Your Profile page in your Web Baby Shower Host Control Panel)



Click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page to save your changes before you leave the page!



  • The preview of your Baby Photo Game Gallery will not appear or be updated until you press the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page
  • How Titles vs Captions are used
    • Titles do not appear on the Baby Photo Game page, only captions. Please make sure you caption your photos clearly and simply so your guests can easily enter their guesses