Web Baby Shower Troubleshooting Guide

It happens to the best of us: technology just isn’t cooperating! If you find that you are stuck or encounter problems that seem to be “only happening to me,” please follow the steps in this troubleshooting guide to help get you unstuck. Even if these measures do not fix the problem, we can at least rule them out and get to the real cause.

  • Please add webbabyshower.com and mywebbabyshower.com as trusted websites to your:
    • Web Browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, etc)
    • Email Spam White List
    • Anti-Virus (Norton, McAfee, etc)
    • Your computer or network firewall

    Because everyone’s computer is set up differently, please see the Help section of the above programs on your computer for assistance in adding webbabyshower.com as a trusted website.

  • Make sure you are not using Web Baby Shower from work or a company VPN (Virtual Private Network). Most companies want you working, not playing (and yes, Web Baby Shower is playing!), so they block personal websites like Web Baby Shower. So, if you are experiencing any difficulties, first check from home and/or log out of any business VPN you are logged into.
  • Make sure your web browser and operating system are up to date. If you’ve been getting nagged by your web browser, computer or device to upgrade to the latest version, now would be a great time to give in to the nag!
  • Reboot your computer or device. If it has been a while since you have completely shut down and turned off your computer or device, give it a little rest. Rebooting will help clear out lots of temporary files that may be contributing to the problem.
  • Clear Your Web Browser’s Cache or “Temporary Files” Sometimes your web browser will hang on to unneeded temporary files, even after a system reboot. Check your web browser’s Help section for instructions on how to clear the “Cache” or “Temporary Files”.
  • Make sure you allow Cookies from mywebbabyshower.com. Web Baby Shower uses cookies that contain random ID codes in order to provide content tailored to you and your guests’ interests and needs. If you have questions about allowing cookies here, please see the Privacy Policy for more information
  • Make sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser and at mywebbabyshower.com in particular
  • If you have attempted to log in or reset your password more than 3 times in 5 minutes, you may be temporarily locked out from Web Baby Shower. This is a security measure that helps to protect Web Baby Shower. Please wait at least 10 minutes before trying to log in again; this would be a great time to try closing your web browser and/or rebooting your computer or device, as mentioned above.

If the above troubleshooting tips did not help, it’s time to contact Web Baby Shower Customer Support. Please mention that you have already completed the above steps and also make sure we know the following about your computer system:

  • Your computer or mobile operating system (Windows, Unix, Mac, iOs, etc)
  • Your web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, FireFox, Chrome, etc)
  • As many details about exactly what, when and where the problem is happening.
  • Any error messages or warnings you are encountering. The exact wording is actually important, so if you can copy and paste the error message or get a screen shot of it, that would be very helpful.