How to Add Photos Arrange and Add Captions

The Classic and Modern themes use different methods to upload photos,  but the same way to edit the text and page options. 

This page is a guide to both.

Modern Theme Photo Album - Upload Walkthrough

How to Arrange and Organize the photos once they are posted

Go to your photo album page and click 'Photo Album Manager' on the top bar, this brings you to the admin area for that page. Then scroll down till you see this button. 

When you click on  Photo Album Manager > Upload/Edit/Manage Photos button you'll see all your images in the gallery and here you can drag them to rearrange, and add in photo captions if you want.


Use the Classic Photo Album Manager to:

  • Change the introductory messages on the Photo Album page.
  • Upload photos to include in your Photo Album
  • Allow Guests to leave comments on the Photo album and individual pages
  • Choose to display a button to allow guests to share your Web Baby Shower Photo Album and individual photos on Facebook
  • Choose to display RSS Feed buttons on your Photo Album so that you and your guests can subscribe to the Photo Album comments feed
  • Turn the page Off if you do not wish to use it


You can find the Photo Album Manager from the Host Control Panel Dashboard, or from the drop-down menu on the top or side of the page.

For more information about using the Photo Album Manager, please see the Photos & Photo Album Manager section of the Web Baby Shower Knowledge Base

By now, you’ve probably got the hang of personalizing the pages in your Web Baby Shower! However, if you missed any previous steps or want to keep going, please see the Related Articles list below!