Skype Planner: Display Your Skype Schedule On Your Web Baby Shower Home Page

If you would like, you can optionally display your Skype/Live Chat Schedule on your Web Baby Shower Home Page. This needs to be done from the Home Page Manager, so make sure you have saved your changes to the Skype Planner by clicking “Save Changes” to save your changes and then navigating to the Home Page Manager in the Host Control Panel.

From the Home Page Manager, in the “Skype Planner” area where it says “Display Skype / Live Chat Schedule on home page (if applicable)?”, choose:

  • “Yes!” — to display your Skype/Live Chat schedule on your home page
  • “No, thanks” — to leave it off
Notes About Displaying Your Skype Schedule on Your Web Baby Shower Home Page:
  • Only the date, times, timezone and text-only of the service you plan to use will be displayed on the home page. No live chat links or login information will be shown on your home page. This is to help protect the privacy of Web Baby Showers that choose to use “Guest List Only” privacy options
  • If you prefer, it is possible to leave the Skype page Off and display just the schedule (no login links or instructions) on your Web Baby Shower home page. To do this:
    1. From the Skype Planner: choose an appropriate title, enter all of your schedule information but in the “Show Skype Page” section, choose “No – Turns Skype page off so that only the host(s) can see it through the Host Control Panel”. Click “Save Changes” to save your changes in the Skype Planner.
    2. From the Home Page Manager, choose “Yes!” in the Skype Planner section of the Home Page Manager. Click “Save Changes” to save your changes in the Home Page Manager

As always, when you are done making your changes, please be sure to click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the Skype Planner page to save your changes!