Web Baby Shower Settings

You can use the “Web Baby Shower Settings” page in the Host Control Panel to update or change the information you submitted when you signed up for Web Baby Shower. The settings you can update or change from the Web Baby Shower Settings page include:

  • Expecting / Adopting Mother First Name:*
  • Expecting / Adopting Mother Last Name:*
  • Partner First Name:
  • Partner Last Name:
  • Display Names As “The Web Baby Shower For … “:*
    • If you wish to use nicknames or screen names, please use the “Display Names As” field to change the way the names are displayed on your Web Baby Shower. Please keep valid, full names on file with Web Baby Shower for the expecting / adopting parents. Thanks!
  • Expected Due / Adoption Date:*
  • Date Is For A:* Pregnancy, Adoption Travel Date, Adoption Receiving Date (default: pregnancy)
  • Show Date on your Web Baby Shower (default: Yes)
  • Miscellaneous Settings:
    • Display Comments (on all pages where there are comments):*
      • Oldest Comments At Top (default)
      • Newest Comments At Top
    • Show “more pages to visit” Menu At Bottom of Pages:*
      • Yes (default)
      • No

*Required Fields

When you are done making your changes, click the “Update Settings” submit button near the bottom of the page.

Please note that if you need to change your Web Baby Shower URL or expiration date, please contact Web Baby Shower Customer Support. Changing the expected due or adoption date will not change the date your Web Baby Shower is expected to end.