How to See if your Invites Have Been Sent & Who's Received Them

How to view your invitation tracking and see who's received them

First, let's make sure your invite has been sent and you have tracking on.

Login to your Admin Panel.


How do I turn on invitation tracking for an email?

Go To

Admin > Invitations > All Emails > select email

Inside the Invitations > Create A New Message for a new message

or All Emails > Edit Message for a draft message created but not yet sent

In the left column open the > Options panel 

and check, or uncheck, the boxes as you want

The 'Track Opens' and 'Track Clicks' must be selected before you send your message to work.


How do I know when my invitation has been sent?

1. Clicking on Admin > Invitations > All Emails  in the menu it will show you all your invites.


In this example below a message has been created, but we can see in the message view no list is attached!


Below is an example of a message that has been sent with a list attached. Note the tracking info summary.

To see more detail open the message, you can click on its name.


From this view, you can also hover over the invitation name and select > Statistics


View individual invitation tracking and specific emails

2. Inside the Invitations > Edit Message window, you can also see your tracking info.

Click on > Details arrow at the top of your editor to open tracking info.

Under Total Recipients click on > Details arrow to view individual emails, and if they have opened the invite.

The invitation tracking is incredibly powerful, but it does come with some complexity.

Hopefully, this guide has been of help, if not let us know.