Photos Feature: Lost Your Head? How To Crop Photos For Featured Images Square Format

The “Featured Images” are displayed in “square” format and are auto-cropped for you, if you do not choose to crop them yourself as you are uploading the image. If the auto-crop cuts off heads or other important parts of the photo, you can crop the image yourself as follows:

  1. Click “Set Featured Image” to set a new featured image or double-click on an existing Featured Image to edit it
  2. From the Upload Media / Featured Image dialog box, make sure the photo is “checked” and then click “Edit Image” from the menu on the right side of the dialog box.
  3. From the photo editing dialog box, click on the photo and select a square area of the photo with your mouse. The dimensions will appear on the right side column under “Selection”; make sure the height and width are the same or close, and that the selection includes all parts of the photo you want in the photo.
  4. When you have selected a square portion of the photo that includes all portions of the photo you want included in the cropped version, click the Crop button
  5. Then click “Save”
  6. After it saves, click “Set Featured Image”
  7. Press the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the Page Manager to save your changes