Videos Help: How To Display a Video on your Web Baby Shower

How To Display a Video on your WebBabyShower


To add a video to the Video Album in your Web Baby Shower:

1. Log into your Web Baby Shower Host Control Panel

2. To display a video that you uploaded using the Video Library,

please use the Video Library > Manage Videos to choose to display your video on your Web Baby Shower Video Album or Home Page.

The Video Library will have a table with your videos in it. In the “Display on Page(s)” column, check the “Video Album” box in the row that contains the video you wish to display on the Video Album. The Web Baby Shower template will automatically group your videos into a gallery on your Video Album.


3. To display a video from an external video website, please copy the “share” URL from the website where the video is hosted, and paste it into the editor area in the Video Album Manager. When you are done inserting video URLs into the page.

For example, a video from youtube.



Right click on the video > Click Copy embed code



In your video album manager, go to the Text Box, and click Text

Paste the embed code, Right Click > Paste or Ctrl + V





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