Universal Feature: Edit, Approve, Remove Comments

Web Baby Shower provides the Comments Manager as a tool to make it easy to see all of the comments submitted to your Web Baby Shower and moderate them as needed.

For pages where you are collecting comments from your guests, including the Guest Book, Photo Album, Video Album, Baby Photos Game and the Skype Planner, you use the Comments Manager in the Host Control Panel to manage the comments.

From the Comments Manager you can:

  • Edit Comments
  • Reply To Comments
  • Delete Comments
  • Mark Comments As Spam
  • Approve desired comments that are marked as Pending or Spam

From the Comments Manager, you will see a list of all the comments that you and your guests have posted on your Web Baby Shower including the Guest Book, Photo Album and/or Baby Photos Game.

Please note that while Web Baby Shower monitors the entire network for any potential network-wide glitches or attacks, we cannot moderate every individual message board on the network. It is up to the host(s) of each individual Web Baby Shower to monitor and moderate comments on your Web Baby Shower. If you notice a lot of comment spam or other abuse, please report it to Web Baby Shower Customer Support ASAP.

As you hover over a comment, you will see a menu appear with all of these options.

If you need to edit a comment, click “Edit” and you will be taken to a form where you can edit the comment as needed.

If you would like to reply to a comment, click “Reply” and you will be taken to a form where you can post a reply. You can also do this from the page where the comment was posted, however, if you like to reply to all comments on your Web Baby Shower, then the Comments Manager will make that task much simpler.

You can “Trash” or delete comments, Mark As Spam, Approve, or Unapprove comments individually or use the check boxes on the left and “Bulk” delete, Mark As Spam, Approve or Unapprove multiple comments at once.