Which Video Chat Provider is Best for My Family?

Which Video Chat Provider is Best?

When it comes time to think about if you want to do a live video chat there are a few options.


We mention Skype often because most people know it, and it's easier if everyone is on it already. If that is your situation then go with what everyone knows. However Skype has to be installed on a computer or smartphone to work.


There is actually a better free product if you don't want anyone to have to download anything. We recommend the free plan on https://zoom.us, if you have already some familiarity with how video conferencing works. It's a bit more work for the person hosting the call, but can be less for everyone else.

Their free plan will allow a call up to 40 minutes with 100 people, and yes you can just send them a url, or an email to click on, and they will have to enter the access code like traditional video conferencing. However, the free plan does not allow recording so keep that in mind, it's a paid option. The product is good quality and allows more people 'on screen' than most.

Facebook Live

For Facebook Live, https://live.fb.com/about/,  it does record the video and post it to your news feed after your done. And Facebook does allow you some control of who you invite. But as far as we know, there isn't a url you can share, people have to 'live subscribe' to your live feed or just show up at the right time which could work with a plan and assuming everyone is already following whoever is doing to the Live video. Like many things Facebook, it's meant for marketing and has it's drawbacks. This is certainly the least private option, but if the whole family is familiar with how Facebook Live works it might be right for you. ​ We also offer our own private hosted service for each site, where everyone can upload recorded video messages that will not go out on social channels unless you want them to. So the right solution really depends on what your family members, including the grandparents!, are going to work with best.