How to Add Emails to a List

How to Add Emails to a List

This guide will help you with adding emails to your list. There are lots of ways you can add your emails to a list: when editing your email, when adding a new email, when importing an email, or through bulk actions.



When editing your email,

Go to > All Emails

Click the email you want to be added in a list, then Click > Lists


Choose a List > Save




When adding a new subscriber/email,

Go to > All Emails

Add the information > choose a list > Save




When importing an email,

Go to > All Emails

After importing or pasting your emails into the box, options will appear.

Add Contact to Following Lists > Import Contact




When adding to a list through Bulk Actions

Go to > All Emails

Select the emails you want to add to a list > Click Bulk Actions


In the "Add to list" section, Choose a list > Click Apply