Skype Planner: View/Edit Existing Skype / Video Chat Schedule

Once you have added a new event to the Skype / video chat schedule, you will be able to view the schedule, make any changes or even remove an existing schedule using the Skype Planner.

  • To edit an existing schedule, click the [Click to Edit] link next to the schedule you wish to edit. A form with the existing schedule details will open where you can make any needed changes to the existing schedule. For more information about editing an existing chat schedule, please see the “Add A New Event” section below.
  • To remove an existing schedule, check the Remove box next to the schedule you wish to remove.

Please note it is up to you to check that your scheduled chat plans contain the required information and will work for you and your guests.

As always, when you are done making your changes, please be sure to click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page to save your changes!