How to Add Lists and Emails

How to Add Lists and Emails

This article will guide you on how you can add a list and also add emails on your list.

You can create an email list on the lists page.

When you click the page, you will see an "Add new" button at the top part, if you click it, a new page will appear then.



Click > Add New > a new page will appear.

You can input the name and the description (optional), then hit the Save button.



To add emails or subscribers to your list, you have to click the blue link.



Click > Add New or Import 

If you click import, you will be redirected to the "Add Emails" Page, either way, you will still end up adding emails.



If you click the "Add New" button, this page will appear.

Fill up the Email, First Name, and the Last Name, you can leave the status as subscribed. 

Check the list you have created, then Save, and you are done!


You can click the Lists Page again and you will see the list you created and the number of emails you added.