Skype Planner: You Must Use Skype, Google+ or another 3rd Party Video Chat App

The Web Baby Shower Video Chat Planner makes it easy to plan and invite your WebBabyShower guests to use a live video chat event!

Please keep in mind that WebBabyShower does not have an "in-house" video chat program at this time.  You must use, Zoom, Skype, Google+ Hangouts, or your favorite video chat, live chat or conference call app.

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The WebBabyShower "Skype Planner" is offered as a convenience and an aid to help you in planning and sharing your Skype call or live chat information. 

Please note that the name “Skype” is a registered mark of Microsoft Corporation and references to the name “Skype” at Web Baby Shower refer to the specific “Skype” service offered by Microsoft.