How to Rerun the Setup Wizard

How to Rerun the Setup Wizard

This guide will help you on how to use the Setup wizard.

If you want to try out a different preset look, you can try to use the Setup Wizard. The Setup Wizard will let you reset or change your design globally.

In changing your theme through this, everything will stay in place including the photos, videos, and page info, only the theme will change.



At the top right side of the page Click > WebBabyShower > Rerun Setup Wizard



Click the arrows or anywhere around it to start choosing with the themes




We have 21 presets you can choose. This step will let you choose the theme for you shower.

Select one design and click > I'm Happy




This step is for your invitation theme. The presets are just the same with the shower themes, you can match the template to your theme but you can also choose different one.

Select one design and click > I'm Happy




Now, this step is for adding emails for your email invites. Copy your emails and paste it inside the yellow box, one per line.

But if you don't want to do this step yet, you can skip it. Just Click > I'm Happy




When everything is done, Click > I'm Ready


Wait until it's done loading and you'll be redirected back to your page with the theme you chose.