How to Add Emails Invitation Manager

How to Add Emails Invitation Manager

Using the Invitation Manager involves adding emails to create a list, and then creating a invite to send out, and attaching that list.

Because the Invitation Manager separates messages from lists, you have the ability to create drafts from older messages, and see who as gotten which emails. It also means there are a few more steps than sending an email from your personal account, so let's walk through it.


Add emails to your list. When logged into the admin area go to

Invitations > Add Emails



You can add emails via simple copy and paste, or upload a CSV file if you wish. If you cut and past them in it can be from any list or spreadsheet. Keep one email per row.

Invitations > Add Emails


If you have cut and pasted emails, simply click outside fo the input box and you will be prompted to choose which list to add to. Though it's possible to create multiple lists, we highly recommend you keep it simple and use one list.



You will get a confirmation message your emails have imported to the list you've selected.