Printable Keepsake Step 4: Set your Printable Keepsake Options

  • From the Printable Keepsake manager in the Host Control Panel Dashboard, scroll down to the “Printable Keepsake Options” section.
  • From there, you can choose which pages from your Web Baby Shower you would like to include in your Printable Keepsake and you can also choose to print photos one per page with full captions, or print 4 per page with no captions.
  • Place a check next to the sections and/or options you would like to include in your Web Baby Shower Printable Keepsake.
  • To remove an option, uncheck the box next to it (or choose the “Do Not Include” option).
  • Please make sure you click the “Update Printable Keepsake Options” button when you are done.

Please note that if there are not any comments or content for a page or section you choose to include, it won’t be included in the Keepsake!