Web Baby Shower Share on Facebook

For showers started After December 20th, 2018 please just copy your URL and share directly if you wish or use the sharing buttons at the bottom of each page.


Please Note Legacy Only: This help doc refers to features in our Legacy showers. Any shower created after December 20th, 2019 will be on our Modern shower with different features, and the information below will NOT necessarily apply. 


You can display links that will allow your guests to “Share” your Web Baby Shower pages on Facebook. You can also control these settings from the Home Page Manager, Guest Book Manager, Photo Album Manager, and Videos Manager pages in the Host Control Panel.

The default setting is to show the “Share on Facebook” link on the Home page, Guest Book, Photo Album and Videos page so that you and your guests can share these pages and photos on Facebook.

Web Baby Shower provides these links as a convenience to hosts and guests. Facebook is currently the most popular social media website that Web Baby Shower hosts have asked to have “share” links for. You are, of course, welcome to share your Web Baby Shower however you see fit on your favorite social media websites. If you would like to see more social sharing options, please contact Web Baby Shower Customer Support.

Please note that once your Web Baby Shower is shared on social media websites, Web Baby Shower has no control over the privacy of the information shared.

To Turn Social Sharing Buttons ON

If you have turned the social sharing buttons off, you can turn them back on again. From the Privacy & Sharing page in the Host Control Panel, check the box next to the page or pages where you want to display the social sharing buttons. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Update Settings” submit button.

To Turn Social Sharing Buttons OFF

If you want to turn the sharing buttons off, simply uncheck the box next to the page or pages you want to remove the social sharing buttons from. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Update Settings” submit button.

Invitation Manager Sharing

Even if you turn the Social Sharing links Off so that your guests cannot share your Web Baby Shower pages, you, the host can always use the “Share on Facebook” option in the Invitation Manager. For more information, please see the Invitation Manager section in the Web Baby Shower Knowledge Base.