Skype Planner: You Must Use Skype, Google+ or another 3rd Party Video Chat App

The Web Baby Shower Skype Planner makes it easy to plan and invite your Web Baby Shower guests to a Skype or other live video chat event!

Please keep in mind that Web Baby Shower does not have an "in-house" video chat program at this time.  You must use the actual Skype app (by Microsoft), Google+ Hangouts, or your favorite video chat, live chat or conference call app.


The Web Baby Shower "Skype Planner" is offered as a convenience and an aid to help you in planning and sharing your Skype call or live chat information. 

Please note that the name “Skype” is a registered mark of Microsoft Corporation and references to the name “Skype” at Web Baby Shower refer to the specific “Skype” service offered by Microsoft. 

At this time, Web Baby Shower does not provide its own video chat services “in-house”. 

You must use Microsoft Skype, Google+ Hangouts, or another 3rd party video call or video chat provider of your choice.