Is It OK To Have A Web Baby Shower For Myself?

As your long distance Web Baby Shower hosting service, we think it’s great if you want to get the ball rolling and sign up for Web Baby Shower yourself! At Web Baby Shower, we have found that when expecting parents are far away from friends and family, friends and family are usually so thrilled with being able to have any kind of shower, that they usually forget to notice who is hosting it and, in most cases, are glad you did it yourself (especially if you put up some cute pregnancy photos they haven’t seen yet!).

However, before you share your virtual baby shower, you need to gauge your friends and family’s receptiveness to this idea. If you think there might be some sticklers who think it’s tacky to host your own shower (online or not!) you might want to ask a close friend to be your “wing man” (or wing-woman!).

Once your Web Baby Shower is set up, you can use the “Additional Hosts Manager” to invite your friend to become a co-host. Once the two of you have finalized your Guest List, then you can ask her to send the invitations from her account and be the “figurehead” hostess.

Also, please keep in mind that you are going to be very busy and very exhausted when your baby arrives! Before your due date, please make sure you have either already saved or printed your  Web Baby Shower Printable Keepsake OR appoint a co-host to do it for you before your Web Baby Shower expires. We hope everything goes smoothly, healthfully and happily, but if there are any complications or extenuating circumstances, please have someone get in touch with Web Baby Shower Customer Support as soon as possible, and ideally, before your Web Baby Shower ends!