Photos Feature: Why Your iOS Photos Are Rotated And How To Fix It

September 2015: Good news! This issue has been fixed at Web Baby Shower! Any photos added to your Web Baby Shower from an iOS device after September 22, 2015 should be rotated properly across all devices and browsers when viewed on your Web Baby Shower, automatically!

Since this issue has been fixed at Web Baby Shower since September 2015, this page is here strictly for reference purposes, in case you run into this issue on other websites.

For a complete description of the issue and further suggestions about what to do about it, please see   Why Your iPhone Photos are Upside Down & How to Fix That

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I have used the following steps to “fix” this issue with photos from my iPhone and display them consistently on the web:

  1. Go to the original photo you took on your iOS device
  2. Use the “Edit Photo” function on your iOS device to rotate the photo 90 degrees 4 times, so that it is back in its original position.
  3. Save the photo
  4. OR, if you have PhotoShop or similar photo editing software, edit the photo in PhotoShop first
  5. Now you should be able to upload the photo to any website and have it displayed rotated properly across all devices
  6. Hope that helps!