Printable Keepsake Step 2: Transform Your Web Baby Shower Into A Printable Keepsake

  • To make changes to the Printable Keepsake, please use the corresponding “page manager” in the Host Control Panel Dashboard to edit your Web Baby Shower. For example: to edit or remove comments in your Guest Book use the Comments Manager. To make changes to your Photo Album, use the Photo Album Manager. At this time there is not a way to edit just the Printable Keepsake; you have to make the changes to your Web Baby Shower and they will be reflected in your Printable Keepsake
  • Change the wording of your Introductions / Outros to reflect that your Web Baby Shower will be preserved as a printed keepsake
  • Remove Video Embed Codes from any and all pages you wish to print:
    • Note: If you used just the Web Baby Shower Video Library to place videos on the Home and Videos Pages, then you can skip this step! The Printable Keepsake does not include any videos you uploaded through the Host Control Panel Video Library
    • If you embedded any videos by using the URL or embed code on any other pages, then you will want to remove the URLs and embed codes. Video Thumbnails / placeholders don’t really print and the PDF converter will skip over them, but leave a big huge blank space
    • Videos are not printable, but they are downloadable through the Host Control Panel! If you used the Video Library to upload your videos, and would like to download a copy of your videos, please see the Video Library Help page for instructions.
    • If you used a third party video hosting service (such as YouTube), you will need to check with that service to find out if you can download videos
  • Display Names As: If the names on your Printable Keepsake are coming out too long or are causing spacing issues, you can shorten the names using the “Display Names As” field on the “Web Baby Shower Settings” manager in the Host Control Panel.
  • Note about Margins & Background: If your Guest Book, Photo Album, or other comments pages are longer than one printed sheet of paper, the background will not show in the top or bottom margins of the “continuation” pages. This is a “feature” of HTML and printing from websites!